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Educating, Motivating, and Inspiring a Community For Change


A weekly broadcast, Wednesday's 8 pm EST. A Show of Education, Motivation and Inspiration.

OTR Movement

A weekly broadcast Friday's at 8 pm. Focus on State of Affairs, Race, Religion and Economic.

R2P Incentive Prg.

A OTR Community Incentive program to reward and incentivize Unity in the community,

  • Gantry 5 includes a new, powerful Menu editor that makes menu organization, particle and module injection, and visual enhancements a breeze. Here are just a handful of things you can do with Gantry 5’s powerful Menu Editor.

    • FontAwesome Icons
    • Easy Module Injection
    • Simple Particle Injection
    • Drag-and-drop Functionality
    • Per-item CSS Classes
    • Submenu Column Control
    • Easy Organization / Reordering
    • Link Target Designation
    • Multiple Dropdown Styles
    • Per-item Image Support
    • Subtitles
    • Non-destructive
    Find out more about using the Menu Editor in our documentation.
  • The Layout Manager makes it easier than ever to arrange and customize your users’ experience with drag-and-drop simplicity from start to finish. A handful of the many features found in the Layout Manager are listed below.

    • Drag-and-drop Functionality
    • Unlimited Items Per Row
    • Unlimited Rows Per Section
    • Easy Widget Position Placement
    • Resize Items with Simple Sliders
    • Per-section CSS Classes and Tag Attributes
    • Per-block CSS Classes, Variations, and Tag Attributes
    • Quick Preset Loading
    • Undo and Redo
    • Access to Easy-to-use Particles
    • Intuitive Visual Interface
    • Touch-screen Friendly
    Find out more about using the Layout Manager in our documentation.
  • OTR Rise2Prosperity Incentive Program (R2PIP) is a loyalty program designed to foster cooperation, commitment, and consideration within the OnThe Rise Community. The program makes full use of the new technology surrounding cryptocurrency. In addition to educating, motivating, and inspiring businesses and consumer to become of the crypto revolution. Here are several of the objectives On The Rise Network & Outreach hopes to achieve.

    • Create a vibrant and empowered community.
    • Inspire unified effort of member and business in building prosperous and collaborative future
    • Offer crypto gift cards redeemable with business within the R2PIP
    • Empower R2PIP community businesses and customers with tangible rewards for support of each other.
    • Promote empowerment of and within the R2PIP Community through Cooperation, Commitment, and Consideration.
    • Incentivize and reward community program utilizing crypto coin and token.
    • Reward members and business with crypto, Token and Coin rewards for their active participation.
    • Offer exclusive discounts and special orders for participating in R2PIP.
    • Access to members-only event, workshops, and webinars.
    • Create a pathway to collective prosperity through the use of Crypto.
    • Provide an online community website with social media capabilities.
    • Reward members for their participation within R2PIP.
    OTR R2PIP offers a diverse range of incentives, to reward an incentivize business and customers to contribute to the growth and success of the On The Rise (OTR) Community. We Welcome You join the OTR Community, We are a Movement On The Riise. Arise.
  • On The Rise (OTR) Community is an online community dedicated to educating, motivating, and inspiring individuals, groups and organizations to rise above life's challenges, situations, and circumstances. The OTR Community promotes empowerment mentally and spiritually. The OTR Community's is to educate, motivate and inspire individuals to rise above life's challenges, situations and circumstance. OTR Community Incorporates the use of the OTR2P Token within its community. The token rewards and incentivizes community member's active participation and contributions. Objectives of OTR Community include:

    • Facilitating networking and collaboration among community members.
    • Establish a system for peer support and mentorship.
    • Conduct interactive webinars, workshops, and events.
    • Cultivate a culture of continuous learning.
    • Seek strategic partnerships and collaborations.
    • Organize virtual meetups and networking sessions.
    • Discover ways of using tokens for sponsoring community events.
    • Share your personal achievements and milestones.
    • Access to members-only event, workshops, and webinars.
    • Initiate or participate in skill exchanges.
    • Keep the community informed about community announcements,
    • Reward members for their participation within R2PIP.
    A Key objective of the OTR Community to cultivate a aim to create a thriving community where individuals feel motivated, supported, and equipped to rise above life's challenges, making meaningful contributions to their personal growth and the growth of the community as a whole. Arise.

"Being On The Rise is liberating."

Jamie L. Eatmon

Vision for Uplifting Minds, Hearts, and Souls

On The Rise Network and Outreach thrives on the belief that a united community is a powerful force for positive change. On The Rise Network and Outreach has established the OTR Community a dynamic online community committed to the empowerment, transformation, and the heart of its mission, the uplifting of minds, hearts, and souls.

The driving force behind On The Rise Network and Outreach is the deep-seated desire to empower individuals, groups, and organizations to overcome life's hurdles. The community believes that by providing a platform for education, motivation, and inspiration, it can contribute to the personal and collective growth of its members, enabling them to rise and prosper.